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Articles of Impeachment against Sex Change Surgery

Fifty-five “Articles of Impeachment” lie between the covers of this book and detail the harmful and irreversible consequences “sex change surgery” continues to inflict on real people—adults, teenagers, and even children—and why it needs to be reined in.

Fifty-five articles…
•Written by an insider turned whistleblower
•Featuring first-person stories, medical studies, history and politics
•Published in The Daily Signal, Public Discourse, and The Federalist over the last five years
•Formulate a compelling case against sex change surgery

Trans life survivors

Read personal emails from thirty transgender individuals who reflect on the consequences of their gender transition, backed up by the latest research. Trans Life Survivors powerfully portrays the human toll inflicted by experts who push gender transition on those who don’t need it.

Includes a special section on transgender children.

Includes the latest research.

Reviews of Trans Life Survivors:

What readers are saying:

I’m a detransitioner. We exist. Our lives matter. Despite what the media, the pro-transition activists, and the virtue-signaling “allies” would have you otherwise believe…

I’m so thankful for Walt’s courage in telling our stories.

paper genders

[New Cover — same book]

A fresh perspective on the medical treatment for gender identity issues, combining well-researched facts with personal accounts. Exposes and debunks the promises of gender change surgery and shines a light on the suicides and dissatisfaction that the advocates would prefer to keep hidden.

What readers are saying:

The research, reason, passion (even outrage) and compassion makes for compelling reading.

An excellent read from someone who has experienced this firsthand. I highly recommend this to anyone silently or openly facing transgender issues. The author gives you the history of gender dysphoria, and offers a compassionate way for families to walk with their loved ones through this journey.

a transgender’s faith

[New Cover — same book]

Walt Heyer’s remarkable life story of a man plagued since childhood with thoughts and feelings that he should have been a girl. The torment intensified as he grew up, married and started a family, and built an amazing career. Desperate, he secretly seeks out a radical treatment that promises relief, but also could risk the destruction of all he holds dear.

What readers are saying:

Very enlightening on transgender issue, mental illness, and faith. As a pastor this helped me better understand the issue and know how to respond in love, grace and truth.

Kid dakota

A novel

In this sensational novel based on a true story, author Walt Heyer powerfully places the reader in the life of Kid Dakota in Los Angeles in the 1940s.

Secrets, we learn, have consequences when Kid Dakota becomes the unwilling participant in his grandmother’s dark obsession. Dakota tries to shake off Nana’s depraved secret—he marries, becomes a father and achieves spectacular success in his career. But Nana’s decades-old secret holds him in its grip, threatening to turn his life upside-down.

What readers are saying:

Great book; came into my life right at the time I needed it. Walt Heyer has great insight into the whole transgender nightmare because he lived it and managed to come out on the other side and is helping others facing this most unfortunate thing.

gender, lies and suicide

Transgender people undergo hormone injections and irreversible surgeries in a desperate effort to feel better, yet they attempt and commit suicide at an alarming rate, even after treatment.

Walt Heyer digs into the issues behind transgender suicide and shares some heart-wrenching letters from those who regret the decision to change genders.

What readers are saying:

Wow. Heyer certainly blows the whistle on the complicity of the American Psychiatric Association in promoting unscientific gender ideology and the denial of biology, anatomy, physiology, and genetics. —Melissa Martin, Ph.D.

Highly recommended. This book uses the author’s personal experiences, excepts from e-mails that he has received from other people who have been through surgical gender reassignment, and research papers to explore the phenomenon of transsexualism. Highly recommended for anyone who is interested in getting the whole story.

perfected with love

One church says “No” to a scary person. Another church says “Yes” and the astonishing results demonstrate why Scripture says of faith, hope and love that “the greatest of these is love.”

This inspiring true story will encourage and equip you and your church with ways to show God’s love to a transgender person.

What readers are saying:

Walt Heyer has written this book to assist churches in helping members of their congregation leave the transgender lifestyle behind. It’s a love-in-action by members of the congregation bringing transgender people into the amazing love of Jesus Christ where He can love and transform them. Everyone should read this!

A church that was obedient to the call of God became a church assured that miracles still happen.

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