Jeremy Bate was born male, but then transitioned in his mid-30s. Now, 17 years later, he’s had enough and has become a man again.

From WA Today, By Nathan Hondros

For the past 17 years, Jeremy Bate has lived as a woman. But now, after hormone therapy and sex reassignment surgery, he believes it has all been a mistake.

At the age of 52, Mr Bate now says he was never anything other than a man and has called for more support for people questioning their gender. Mr Bate said he would have been better off if he had counselling to help him become more comfortable with the body he was born in.

“I would’ve been helped more by what you could call ‘tough love’,” he said.

“I was very gender confused, and I latched on to the idea of ‘transexual’ because I thought that must apply to who I am.

“In the absence of any other information, that was what I was running with, but if I’d got the different information, and more support the other way I’m sure I would’ve been open to questioning.

“I’m not saying it would’ve been easy.”


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