Jan. 13, 2023, Staff at Glenn Beck

K. Yang, also known as ‘The Deprogrammer,’ tells Glenn that those best equipped to help others escape cults are the ones who lived inside them themselves. While in her early 20’s, K. Yang worked for an LGBT nonprofit center funded by the New York State Department of Health. ‘We were indoctrinating public school children with gender identity and transgender ideology,’ she says. So now, with immense inside knowledge, Yang knows exactly how to help parents ‘de-program’ their children who may have become ‘brainwashed’ by online, educational, or social media sources that are teaching them lies. And with family members who escaped China and Mao’s Cultural Revolution, Yang knows just how vital it is to equip children with the ability to think for THEMSELVES.

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Quote from the interview:

I was thinking that what I was doing, was a good thing. It was the right thing. I thought my beliefs were correct. And they were morally superior.

I — and now I know, that I was wrong. And part of how I know I was wrong. Is because I really started investigating the money behind what was pushing this movement.