People experiencing gender distress may have had adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) that were never treated or resolved. But it’s hard to find a therapist who will do more than simply “affirm” “transition” and first explore the origins of trauma. This professional association includes therapists who tend to legitimate mental health concerns.

You may find a referral to a therapist at their website. We at sexchangeregret are not recommending the group or its members; we are simply providing another resource to help you find help when you want it. We always recommend that you vet any counselor to see what they believe and how they conduct therapy.

From the GETA website

It has become extremely difficult for clients to find mental health professionals who will facilitate identity exploration while also helping them confront important psychological issues that may be contributing to their distress, including their concerns about gender. 

The Gender Exploratory Therapy Association (GETA) exists because we see a great need arising from the current narrow framing of Gender and Gender Identity in the field of mental health and in the culture more broadly. We believe that: 

Individuals who are exploring gender identity or struggling with their biological sex should have access to therapists who will provide thoughtful care and tend to legitimate mental health concerns, without pushing an ideological or political agenda.

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